A comprehensive programme for founders and managers, delivered with Imperial College Business School and external experts, to stimulate organisational review and change.

Each company has opportunity to reflect on its own plans and challenges and learn from others’ experience. The modules are discussion-led and are brought to life by business challenges, case studies and most importantly external experts include Entrepreneurs in Residence, business leaders from Main Market, AIM and large private companies, and a variety of advisers and investors. The modules are typically 1.5 days in length and held 6 weeks apart.


   Growth Strategy

   Managing Talent & Strategic

   Financial Resources & Governance pt I

   Financial Resources & Governance pt II

   Performance and Growth

Reflection on company-specific issues and planning for change with the support of a dedicated external advisory team.

This phase is a combination of practical and technical discussions and workshops on critical areas identified in the first phase for each company and offers the opportunity for a more specific engagement with ELITE partners. The workshops are 1 day in length and are held 7/8 weeks apart


   Growth & Talent

   Governance & Board Effectiveness

   Financial Resources & Planning

   Your Equity Story

   IPO Masterclass

Capitalise on the benefits of the first two phases to access new business opportunities and funding options.

During the final phase of ELITE, a company will be encouraged to boost its profile with investors, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. This phase will be tailored to specific cohort needs and will be molded over the first two phases, building on feedback from the companies.

ELITE companies have exclusive business and networking opportunities with:

  • Venture capital, private equity and institutional investors
  • Access to established and newly admitted companies to the Main Market and AIM
  • Community website to allow confidential discussion with advisors and investors
  • Roundtables, adviser clinics and networking events

ELITE companies will gain visibility through the ELITE website and in national and local press throughout their time on the programme. The Times as the national media partner for ELITE will showcase the initiative and individual companies.