Get to know the CEOs and Founders from Cohort 8

On 8 November ELITE welcomed 20 new UK companies to its diverse ecosystem for growth and capital. The ELITE global community now consists of 683, from across 27 countries and 35 sectors, generating over £47 billion in combined revenues and accounting for over 240,000 jobs across Europe and beyond.


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Corportare Storytelling

PASELL, Family, Future and Innovation

Read the interview with Salvatore Amitrano, CEO of PASELL, a manufacturer of home appliance components - specifically washing machine counterweights - located in Avellino. The company has production facilities in three countries, employs 220 people and in 2016 had a turnover of about 25 million, which is expected to grow slightly in 2017.
Corporate Storytelling

Teldat: 30 Years Creating Enterprise Networks

Read the interview with Ignacio Villaseca, CEO of Tedalt, a company that manufactures and sells advanced internet working platforms for corporate environmets worldwide.